In August, SERACS did a pilot ILG Training program for interested participants in Madang
In September, SERACS was involved in a number of projects in the country namely; Central Cement & Limestone (CCL) Project, Panguna MIne Project, Kamula Doso Carbon Credit Project, Papua LNG & Wafi Golpu Projects
JULY 2022
In July, SERACS was involved in Kamula Doso Carbon Project and a agriculture project in Muro, Orokolo Bay, Gulf Province.
JUNE 2022
SERACS Ltd completed social mapping and landowners identification (SMLI) studies for the PRL-15, onshore and Offshore Pipeline Export Route (PER).
APRIL 2022
In April, SERACS was involved in Central Cement and Limestone project
MARCH 2022
In March 2022, SERACS provided technical assistance to Mayur Renewables in caring out awareness in the Kamula Doso Aramia River villages as part of Frior Prior Informed Consent (FPIC) process for the Kamula Doso Carbon Credit Project.
In February 2022, SERACS provided technical assistance to Mayur Iron with the compensation payment for economic tress to landowners in Muro, Gulf Province.
In January 2022, SERACS was involved in a number of projects namely; Central Cement & Limestone and Mayur Iron Sand Project
In September 2022, SERACS was involved in Carrying out Environmental Impact Assesment and second installment payment(economic tress) in Muro for Mayur Iron Sand project
In August 2021,
SERACS Ltd was engaged by Grow PNG Ltd to conduct a pilot training on the Land Access Guide (LAG) with the selected oil palm farmers and also engaged by Gulf Provincial Administration (GPG) to carry out awareness and social mapping & landowner identification (SMLI) studies for the Power to Shore, Urban Development and Petoe Industrial Hub Projects in Gulf Province.
JULY 2021
In July 2022, SERACS
was engaged by Mayur Resources Ltd to provide technical support for the garden relocation for the CCL Project and also conducted capacity enhancement training on the SMLI study for the BCL VLOs.
APRIL - MAY 2021
In April and May 2021, SERACS was engaged in a number of projects with companies namely; Adyton Resources, Central Cement and Limstone, Mayur Iron.
In February 2021, SERACS was contracted by Grow PNG Ltd – a subsidiary of Grow Asia – to develop a Land Access Guide (LAG)
In January 2021, SERACS Ltd were engaged to provide exploration support role to Adyton Resources Exploration Licence (EL-2096).