Central Cement and Limestone (CCL) Project

On the 15th January 2022, our team had facilitated the Microsoft team meeting between the landowners and the management of Mayur Resource Ltd for the CCL Project in Kido village. This meeting was part of the developer’s commitment to have fortnightly project update with the community




















Orokolo Iron Sand Project

After two (2) months, our team returned to the villages and provided community feedback results on the EIA studies undertaken within the villages of the ML 541 of Iron Sand Project. This update awareness was facilitated by six (6) officers from SERACS Ltd on the 17th to 29th January 2021. The objective of the task is to ensure that the communities are well informed and aware of the bio-physical and socio-economic impact of the project development. The various bio-physical and social monitoring, including mitigation strategies are part of the community discussion and consent process.The villages visited during the trip include Avavu, Ere Kilavi, Huruta, Arehava and Paevera.