Adyton Project

On 28th April to 14th May 2021, our team were engaged to conduct the Environmental Monitoring and Management Plan (EMMP) and facilitation of negotiation work for the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the drilling exploration between the developer (Adyton Resources) and the impacted communities within the project area. Generally, our role in the project was to provide exploration support services for the exploration drilling for the EL-2096 at Anir Island.














Orokolo Iron Sand Project

Our team at SERACS Ltd were engaged by Mayur Resource Ltd to facilitate the first instalment payment for the economic crops and compensation for the landowners. This is based on the exploration compensation agreement signed between Mayur Resource Ltd and the 19 clans of the villages of Ere Kilavi and Huruta.Our team ensured that the payments in cash were made in front of the community. This method of payment was used to relief ordinary villagers from coming to Kerema or Port Moresby to collect payments, as the practice that has been seen in the past logging operations.

With our team’s support, Mayur Resource Ltd ensure that the community engagement is done in the villages and all payments are witness by community. This prevents the process and the payments being hijacked by Port Moresby based groups from Muro. The process of payment in the villages was well appreciated by women and children including the Ward Councillor for Avavu Ward 1, Hon. Jack Pahoa.














Central Cement and Limestone (CCL) Project

From 24th to 29th April 2021, Mayur Resource Ltd under the auspices of Central Cement Limestone (CCL) Project had engaged the services of SERACS Ltd to facilitate the village based meetings at Kido, Rearea, Papa, Keiva and Gorohu. The key objectives of these meetings were to ensure that villages understood the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) under the Mining Act 1992 and the Mining Policy (1996), including the issues to bring to the formal consultative MOA meeting with the State led by MRA. After the village meetings, an inter village pre-consultative meeting was held on the 1st May and 3rd May 2021 at Stanley Hotel in Port Moresby. This meeting included the villages of Kido, Rearea, Papa, Gorohu and Keiva, Mayur Resources team via Microsoft team out of Brisbane. The objective of the meeting was for the villages that have land within the ML-526 to reach common understanding amongst themselves and Mayur Resource Ltd before the formal consultative development forum to happen. The meeting provided opportunity for the landowners in each village to have an input to the draft MOA document. SERACS Ltd was engaged by Mayur Resource Ltd to provide the facilitation role in the meeting.