Central Cement and Limestone (CCL) Project

In July 2021, SERACS Ltd was engaged by Mayur Resources Ltd to provide technical support for the garden relocation for the CCL Project. This task involved setting up and facilitating Microsoft teams (video) meetings with the stakeholders and playing a lead role in consultation with the key stakeholders including communities of the project area and National Agriculture Research Institute (NARI), particularly Taiwan Technical Mission in Papua New Guinea. The involvement of NARI and Taiwan Technical Mission in PNG (located in Laloki) were to provide expertise on how best gardens can be relocated and ways to improve soil fertility in the proposed garden site and the best farming methods to be used in the new site.















Panguna Mine Project

The capacity enhancement training on the SMLI study for the VLOs was conducted from 16th to 18th July 2021. The anticipated outcome of this training is to ensure that VLOs are able to undertake basic SMLI studies such as clans’ census, clan and family listing. This should enable the VLOs to assist with collating information for the SMLI studies. This is in line with the Bougainville Mining Act 2015 Part 13 of section 324.



















Bluff (Power to Shore) Project

On the 8th July 2021, as part of our contract agreement with the Gulf Provincial Government (GPG) on the Bluff Project, our team had participated in the GPG Advisory Sub-committee meeting on Power to Shore and Urban Development. The project is a catalyst for urban development at Bluff within the 714 hectares of land that was surveyed for Gulf LNG Project by Inter Oil from 2011 to 2012. The sub-committee members include Mr. Marc Avai, Mr. Emmanuel Mai, Mr. Rendle Remua, Mr. Wesley Aruga and Mr. Lao Kilagi.The Power to Shore Project will be developed based on the MOA that was signed between the GPG and the Twinza Oil Ltd dated 3rd December 2020.SERACS Ltd has done a lot of work within the area of the proposed project since 2011 during our engagement with the Inter Oil on the Gulf LNG Project and with Twinza Oil Ltd for Pasca A on social mapping and landowner identification (SMLI) studies.