ILG Training Project


One way of putting your customary land into productive use and/or effectively participant in the development projects in your local area in through the registration Incorporation Land Group (ILG) using the ILG (Amendment) Act 2009.

On the 8th to 10th August 2022, SERACS Ltd is collaboration with Silverline Ltd have undertaken a pilot ILG training on how to register ILG in Madang Province. The training had focused on the processes and the requirements of registering ILG using the ILG (Amendment) Act 2009. Total of 18 participants were trained on the topics such as:

•How to prepare a sketch map using Google earth and GPS;

•How to prepare ILG Constitution;

•Code of Conduct for the Management Committee (MC);

•Duties and Responsibilities of MC;

•Duties and Responsibilities of ILG Executive;

•How to run a First ILG Meeting.

Participants have indicated that they are intending to use their ILGs to work on the specific projects such as conservation, eco forestry, cocoa, coffee and vanilla (agribusiness activities), if they get their ILGs registered. SERACS Ltd is anticipating to help participants register their ILGs and work on their specific project as a pilot projects.

The current challenges of the land groups include preparation of sketch map using Google Earth and GPS, land dispute, registration of birth certificate, and the access to reliable agribusiness programs/activities.

SERACS Ltd is proposing to go into public-private partnership with the Department of Lands and Physical Planning (DLPP), where DLPP can focus on the policies and legislations (compliance) at the national level whereas SERACS Ltd takes on the capacity building component at the provincial, district and LLG levels.